Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Learning for Life


Have you learned some new lessons today?

No, I’m not only asking you about something you’ve learned from school such as writing, reading, counting, singing, and so on and so on.

Cause there are so many lessons we could have many lessons we could have learned and we will going to learn from life its self.

We learn many from our body, from the animals, the flowers, the wind, rain, sky, sun, moon…

From the earth, the sea, the river..

From the laughter, the cry, the song, the poem, the verse…

From the everything we see, we stare, we cast a glance

From everything we hear, we listen to

From everything we feel, we taste, we sense

From everywhere we go

From every people we meet

From every seconds we breathe the air

From life and death themselves…

So, just learn and learn,honey..

Then you will find that

You have only known a little

And you will be very eager to know more and more..^_______^

Just for my lovely son, cintaku, matahariku, pelangiku..Daffa.

Dan, cahaya-cahaya hati yang tercinta..semoga menjadi anak yang sholeh/ah, cerdas dan sukses sayang, ….

Friday, December 3, 2010 at 8:03am

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